A Keynote Address to the Human Species

This talk by Gail Bradbrook of Extinction Rebellion (XR) may be the best and most comprehensive presentation on this topic to date. In my mind, it is a Keynote Address to the Human Species. Please take the time to watch it; there may be nothing more important. It is 50 minutes in length, and every minute is riveting in a quiet but powerful way. One would do well to view it repeatedly and take close notes. To her credit, she provides a minute of silence between parts I and II.

Part I: She discusses the ecological crisis: the latest science on what risks there are, and our current trajectory, including the possibility of abrupt (i.e. near term dramatic climate change) and human extinction.

Part II: She deals with understanding our emotional responses and what appropriate responses we might make.

I encourage you to view this presentation in its entirety, read the ABOUT page of this blog, and then take a long solitary walk.