James Anderson: Feedbacks that Set the Time Scale for Irreversible Change & The moral Imperative

This is an advanced presentation from 2016. A layperson will not have an easy time with many of the concepts that are discussed. But, for those who are adventurous and don’t mind, it is very interesting and informative. One of the key concepts to understand in this presentation is convective injection.

Toward the end, Anderson lays out the moral imperative. Here is the summation:

The Moral Imperative of Climate Change

·         At the foundation of the moral imperative is that changes in the climate structure are inherently irreversible.

·         This in turn means that we are bequeathing to our children and subsequent generations an unknown, unstable, unpredictable global scale circumstance over with they have little or no control.

·         Our parents did not have the information to directly link scientific understanding with public policy. In sharp contrast, this generation does.

·         Our parents in large measure deserved the designation: “The Greatest Generation.” What will history say about this generation currently in power?

·         Those least able to defend against changes to the climate structure, to sea level rise, to changes in temperature and rainfall patterns, are those who will suffer the most serious impacts, and yet they are the ones who had the least to do with it.