The Environmental Benefits of Effective Giving

For those of you who want to know that your charitable giving incorporates environmental and climate change criteria, I recommend an article by Brad Hurley published in Peter Singer’s blog, The Life You Can Save. (While you’re there, you can also download a free copy of Peter Singer’s book, The Life You Can Save.) I quote at length from Hurley’s article:

Oxfam, for example, has long been involved in efforts to limit climate change and build resilience to its impacts in developing countries. In addition to saving lives at scale and reducing under-5 child mortality, Living Goods’ entrepreneurial community health workers sell efficient cookstoves and solar lights along with healthcare products. In East and Southern Africa, One Acre Fund distributes solar-powered lamps and home systems as well as clean cookstoves on credit to smallholder farmers. 

Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) runs a Financial Inclusion program that helps build low-income households’ resilience to climate change and other stressors. IPA also has evaluated a number of projects that aim to provide environmental benefits, to improve our understanding of how to respond to climate change. Projects include evaluating an initiative to promote carbon sequestration by farmers, understanding renewable energy installations, experiments to improve participation in recycling programs, and a study in Uganda to assess whether paying farmers to leave trees standing would reduce deforestation. In that project, landowners who received contracts to conserve their forest cleared only 4 percent of forested land, compared with 9 percent in control villages, avoiding 3,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions that otherwise would have occurred during the study period.”

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