CO2 levels in the atmosphere

With all the talk, studies, resolutions, solutions, agreements, actions, and rebellions, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere continues to rise.

Weekly average for the week of:

20 October 2019: 408.78 parts for million (ppm)

This time last year: 406.61 ppm

10 years ago: 384.74 ppm

Pre-industrial base: 280

Safe level: 350

Atmospheric CO2 reading from Mauna Loa, Hawaii (part per million). Source: NOAA-ESRL

Scientists have warned for more than a decade that concentrations of more than 450ppm risk triggering extreme weather events and temperature rises as high as 2C, beyond which the effects of global heating are likely to become catastrophic and irreversible. Read more at the Guardian . . .