Note to My Readers: Retreat/Withdrawal

I will be on semi-retreat for much of the summer. So, expect only an occasional post until I return. It is time to withdraw from the fray, minimize my commitments, open a deeper space and wider perspective, return to square one: This is how I shall advance.

During this time, I will live without news, radio, TV, social media, and cell phone. I will listen to the wind and the grass—plus Shostakovitch and more Shostakovich. I will re-examine every assumption, direction, action and path. I will minimize all distractions and peripheral activity. I will open myself to ‘the measureless open’:

It is blindly, with no project, that those who dare all advance. Released from the spell of the fear of being without shelter. Holding nothing back, giving themselves up to the measureless open. . . . Saying ‘Yes’ unreservedly to the entirety of all that comes to pass.

Luce Irigaray, The Forgetting of Air in Martin Heidegger, p. 176

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