Is nuclear power safe and is it a renewable source of energy?

Perhaps these are not the right questions right now. Perhaps there is a more urgent and important question that must be addressed first.

Can the waste products of nuclear energy be managed in a way that will assure the safety of human civilization in perpetuity? If they cannot, I believe nuclear energy must be put on hold.

Would we build a high-rise condominium without bathroom facilities, perhaps with the idea that we would probably figure something out in the future? This has been an inveterate problem for the industrialized world. And this will be one of defining problems of population growth: where will be put all of the shit, the garbage, the waste, and the thousand and one trifles we simply must have? Even the question of CO2 emissions is, in essence, a problem of excrement management.

According to a new report commissioned by Greenpeace France:

“Without exception, no solution has been found for long term management of the vast volumes of nuclear waste. This includes the highly radioactive spent fuel produced in all nuclear reactors, for which to date all efforts to find secure and safe permanent disposal options have failed.”

“The use of nuclear power to generate electricity over the past six decades has created a nuclear waste crisis for which there is no solution on the horizon, but which will require the safe storage and management, and ultimately final disposal for hundreds of thousands of years forever.”

“One reason why reactor lifetimes and decisions on nuclear phase out are central is because of the amount of high level nuclear waste the world will have to eventually manage.”

These quotes are from the executive summary of the report which can be found HERE.

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