Climate Change Podcast: Sir John Houghten and George Monbiot

Melvyn Bragg (BBC) discusses climate change with Sir John Houghton, Co-Chair of the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change – the United Nations’ global warming science committee; George Monbiot, environmentalist, journalist and Visiting Professor, Department of Philosophy, Bristol University. Published August 7, 2018

There seems to be agreement by both that as many as 150,000,000 people will be displaced by the middle of this century. While some parts of the world will in some ways be better off, many others will be devastated. The parts of the world that will be hardest hit are the parts of the world that are already most vulnerable to famine — Sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Subcontinent. A decrease in the flow of great rivers due to receding glaciers will have devastating effects on agricultural production. And these are the places that produce the least carbon dioxide. Floods and droughts cause the most damage worldwide, and these will greatly increase, creating untold suffering and death. Melvyn Bragg pushes them very hard to back up their dire predictions. JH: When we turn on our kettle in Birmingham, we are helping to flood Bangladesh. Carbon inequality. The intransigence of the US. Timid politicians. Vested interests. The need for a large citizen’s movement world-wide to challenge governments.

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