Kate Raworth On a Healthy Economy

Your life will be enriched when you discover the thought and voice of economist Kate Raworth. In the following two videos she discusses her “Doughnut Economics.” First, this brief 1:26 second animation:

On this chart, the overshoots include biodiversity loss, land conversion, climate change, and nitrogen & phosphorus loading. Of these, nitrogen and phosphorus loading may be the least familiar. Nitrogen and phosphorus (primarily from animal waste, fertilizer runoff, and sewage treatment plant discharges) are killing our waterways. Excessive nitrogen and phosphorus can harm drinking water supplies; it is toxic to plants, wildlife, and small pets; it creates mass fish kills; and it closes beaches and other recreational areas. “Dead Zones,” as in the Gulf of Mexico, are caused by nitrogen and phosphorus loading.

And then a very captivating TED talk:

NOTE: For some reason, over-population is not part of her picture, or so it seems to me.

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